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The Catholic health care ministry has served the people of New Jersey for more than 125 years. The ministry continues in a new millennium because of the commitment, dedication and faith of religious men and women who first came to New Jersey in the 19th century to care for women, children and men who had no access to health care.

Today physicians, nurses and other health care professionals provide care to more than 2,500,000 children, women and men each year. In addition, the leadership of the Catholic health care ministry recognizes its obligation to advance the cause of social justice by calling for laws and public policies that will ensure access to health care services for all the citizens of New Jersey.

The Catholic health care ministry understands access to health care as a fundamental human right. It is an essential for protecting and fostering the dignity of the human person.


The Catholic HealthCare Partnership of New Jersey (CHCPNJ) is a statewide coalition established by the leaders of Catholic health care to advance the healing mission of Jesus Christ through the health ministry of the Catholic Church.

Enriched by its Catholic heritage, the mission of CHCPNJ is to support the religious identity of Catholic health care and to work collaboratively with other advocacy organizations to promote the health and well-being of all New Jerseyans, especially those underserved in our communities. To this end, CHCPNJ serves as a ministry resource center, develops appropriate health care policy, and advocates on the state and national level for legislative and regulatory initiatives that enhance the potential of Catholic health care providers in the present and future.

CHCPNJ promotes and provides leadership development, clinical and organizational ethics reflection and education, and advocates on behalf of Catholic health ministry priorities in the State of New Jersey and in Washington DC.

Core Values

The Catholic health care ministry is found on these basic values.

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